Shindō Yōshin Ryū is a classical Japanese jūjutsu school (koryū) that was founded in the late Edo-period in 1864. SYR has a rich history in Japanese samurai class martial arts. The school includes both armed & unarmed training. Weapons include Japanese long & short swords and knives (tanto) for example. Training sessions consist mostly of paired kata and some solo kata.

Shindō Yōshin Ryū split into two lines in 1895, one led by Motokichi Inose and the other led by Shigeta Obata. The Obata line passed to Yukiyoshi Takamura (1928-2000) in 1944. Thus the name Takamura-ha Shindō Yōshin Ryū (TSYR). TSYR was brought to Europe & the United States by sensei Takamura.

Shindō Yōshin Ryū is separated in a traditional manner to three levels of training which are Shoden, Chūden ja Jōden. Each level has a corresponding teaching license. The art doesn’t use modern kyū/dan belt ranking system & it doesn’t include competition.

The head of the dōjō is Shoden licenced Henri Piirainen

If you are over 18 and interested in training Takamura-ha Shindō Yōshin Ryū, contact Henri.

Practise information


Friday 18.30-20.00 Aiki Circle dojo
Sunday 10-12 Aiki Circle dojo

Aiki Circle dojo: Malmin raitti 19, 00700, Helsinki


25 € / month

Shindō Yōshin Kai -membership fee

Every member of the dōjō is required to pay Kai-membership (35 USD) whether they train actively or not. The information on how to pay you’ll get from Henri.


Henri Piirainen
+358 44 291 4871